The kitchen

In Geneva, the kitchen is counted in the number of rooms, as well as the living room, dining room and bedrooms. An accommodation with 2 bedrooms can therefore be a 4 or 5 room apartment.

If the kitchen is open, it will count as half a room. In the canton of Vaud, kitchens are not counted.

A fitted kitchen is different from an equipped kitchen: a fitted kitchen includes only the cupboards, while an equipped kitchen includes the furniture as well as the household appliances.

The building

A penthouse apartment is a property located on the top floor of a building, under the attic.

A significant number of buildings are equipped with a laundry room in the basement. This is why apartments are not always furnished with a washing machine.

The rent

To the monthly rent must be added the charges, which usually include heating and hot water (for an apartment). Electricity and telephone are usually extra.

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