Left Bank
Left Bank
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The benefits of Geneva’s Left Bank

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There is a town within a town on the left bank, and its name is Carouge. It is a very beautiful old town with oodles of charm and many restaurants, bars and boutiques.

Rented accommodation is very sought after in Carouge but very difficult to find, however in this we are successful!

On the left bank you will find the La Praille industrial zone, which is home to major carmakers and watchmakers (Rolex for example).

There is also Caterpillar in Frontenex, together with many leading banks. Pictet can be found in Les Acacia, as well as the Grande Boissière international school and the lancy Institute.


Rental property on the Left Bank


The requests for accommodation which we receive often indicate a preference for the left bank, since Champel is very well known. However due to traffic congestion, it can be difficult if you do not live on the same bank as your workplace. This is a very important piece of advice which will make your everyday life easier!

There are very attractive districts on both sides.

  • Champel.
  • Malagnou.
  • Florissant.
  • Cologny left bank.
  • Les Terres Saintes.
  • Bellevue.
  • Some districts above Versoix.

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